Knox County Health Department

Communicable Disease Surveillance

Reportable Disease Notifications

Physicians, hospitals, and laboratories report communicable diseases as required by 902 KAR

2:020 to the Epidemiology unit of the health department. Qualified health department staff

persons provide investigation of the cases and report the communicable diseases to the state

office which reports to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Medical Providers, hospitals, or laboratories who are reporting a communicable disease can

download and fill out the Kentucky Reportable Disease (EPID 200) Form

Staff can be reached for reporting or for consultation using the information below:


During Operating Hours:

Phone: 606-546-3486

Fax: 606-546-2867


After Hours:

Kentucky Department for Public Health , Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning

Phone: 1-888-973-7678

or 1-502-564-3418

Fax: 1-502-696-3803


Tuberculosis (TB)