Knox County Health Department


Healthy Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) is a free, voluntary home visitation program for families starting in pregnancy and continuing during babies’ first few years of life.

For ongoing participation in HANDS, families receive monthly incentives.  For families who wish to receive this support, they will engage in fun activities to learn more about healthy pregnancy, caring for and bonding with their baby, how to provide at home learning experiences, and how to create safe and healthy home environments.

HANDS is a volunteer educational program for new parents. HANDS is designed to assist all parents to become the best parents they can be. Our specially trained staff present new parents with educational information on critical development areas during pregnancy and throughout the baby’s first two years of life. The HANDS program is designed to assist parents in understanding child development, parenting skills and to assist with questions and concerns that new parents may have. HANDS will also assist with providing valuable information on other community health services and resources. HANDS is available to ALL parents at no charge. Ask about our program incentives!

For more information:

Knox County HANDS Program

Christie McDonald, RN HANDS Supervisor

606-546-3486 ext. 124 or ext. 116


You can also follow the state’s HANDS Facebook page at: Kentucky’s HANDS.


Kentucky HANDS Brag Book

If you are a HANDS family and would like to “brag” about your HANDS experience. Please go to Kentucky HANDS Brag Book. Some of the “brags” maybe shared on the KYHANDS website and Facebook Page.